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Monolithically integrated InGaAs microdisks on Si for nanophotonics

This work was presented at the Nanofabrication Photonics Online Meetup, 16-18 May 2021. Template-assisted selective epitaxy enables the local integration of group III-V semiconductors on Si with high material quality for nanophotonic applications. Here we demonstrate evidence of room temperature lasing at 1530 nm for a monolithically integrated InGaAs whispering gallery mode cavity on Si with a thickness of 300 nm and a diameter of 1.5 µm. These devices can potentially be scaled down further ...

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IBM Research Zurich - Materials Integration and Nanoscale Devices

Bulk and Sleeve Electron Beam Lithography for Silicon Nitride Photonic Crystals

This is a method to improve the quality of lithography - in particular electron beam lithography (EBL). During an EBL exposure the electrons undergo different scattering processes. One scattering process that plays an important role is the back scattering of the electrons from the substrate or different stacks of thin film present in the exposure stack. As a result the actual dose that the resist sees is quite different that the original exposure dose. This ...

Effect of LPCVD \mathrm{Si_3N_4} deposition on \mathrm{Al_2O_3} etch-stop films

Alumina (\mathrm{Al_2O_3}) films are widely used in photonics and superconducting circuits as an etch stop or passivation layer. In silicon nitride (\mathrm{Si_3N_4}) fabrication, a widely used etching recipe is dry etching using a mixture of \mathrm{SF_6/CHF_3} gasses. In case of multi-stacked materials, one might be interested to etch the \mathrm{Si_3N_4} layer with an stop layer to protect the rest of the stack from the etching step. \mathrm{Al_2O_3} is a great etch stop layer for \mathrm{Si_3N_4} ...